Okay so i obviously went MIA again. I  dont even know if I lost followers and what not. If youre still here THANK YOU! Lemme just get you all caught up.. I moved back with the IN LAWS.. yes in laws.. Cory and I got married on October 5th. The best anniversarry present ever :) He was here for two weeks for R&R but I took him back yesterday morning :( Im trying to get back to reality. I was off from work for two weeks while he was here. We took our amazing engagement pictures while we were in San Francisco for our wedding. I am so totally in love with this man it is ridiculous. I misss him sooooooooo much already. Another countdown begins til hes back in my arms. Wont be too long tho… its the shortest time hes been gone since he went to basic but its still long…He’ll be coming home to a complete wedding and reception and gets to see what his family and I have been working so hard on.